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Hello everyone. Today i would like to bring you some information...

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Hello everyone.
Today i would like to bring you some information about upcoming DLC for Extension Pack No.2
You might wonder why there are news posted if the modification support has ended?
We post it since there is a patch coming up to fix some problems with the game and also bring on scene
some new content for modification.
Here we start with the list of fixes for the main modification:

1) Map/location names now will be displayed in the loading screen
2) Fixed some localization problems
3) Fixed HUD problems about help tips
4) Fixed problems with the guns (AK74N and M16A3)
5) Some crash issues happening while in-game

This is it for the base game fixes.Now we start with DLC related fixes and adds:

1) 3 New maps (Dalian Plant 2020 | Fushe Pass 2020 and Crossfire 2019)
2) Fixes for Gulf of Oman 2020 (Now is fully independent from Gulf of Oman Sunrise)
3) British SAS was removed and replaced by Pan Asian Coalition forces
4) Different weapons were added,so the DLC has different kits)
5) New vehicles: A8 Tiger and Dirtbike - PAC | HMWWM and M1A2 Upgraded Versions - USMC
6) For base game we added 1 new weapon and upgraded 2 guns - Teargas,M249 and MK3A1

Pan Asian Coalition Arrival DLC estimated time of release is not stable yet.
More information and news to come soon.
Thank you for paying attention
Half-Way Studios


Nice DLC bro,thanks for the better expirience.

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