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Previewing the late-game expansion paths for Hungary, part of the content added in today's Divergences of Darkness release.

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Today we have finally released the Hungary patch for the Divergences of Darkness mod for Victoria II. Part of the update involves the rise of Turanism within Hungary, and we're going to take a look at how this will influence the Magyar policy towards its Balkan neighbours.

As we saw in the previous Dev Diaries, the top priority of Hungarian policy-makers in the 1830s was the centralisation of Hungary and its transformation into a modern nation-state along Western European lines. The consequence of this successful centralisation project is the rise of Turanism, an ideological current which pushes the Magyar people to civilise its troublesome neighbours in the Balkans.


Embracing Turanism opens up some new expansion paths. The first one will regard Serbia. Serbs are in a special position, being partly already under Hungarian rule after the reconquest of Croatia and Bosnia by Hungary. Nevertheless, many Serbs remain outside of these borders, and for the sake of stability in the Adraitic provinces it might be for the best to unite the South Slavs (exluding Bulgarians) under your rule.

Dominate Serbia

Another path of expansion is towards the Straits of Otranto. By this point in the game you should have reconquered Dalmatia, granting you much-needed access to the sea. However, the Hungarian navy can be easily bottled up by an enemy controlling either end of the Straits - Brindisi in Italy or Vlorë in Albania. To remedy this, you can offer Albania to exchange your Albanian-populated provinces for the port city of Vlorë.

Vlore for Kosovo

The Albanians can choose to refuse your offer, in which case war to install a friendlier government in Tirana is inevitable. Should they accept, you will have gained yourself a port dominating one end of the Straits of Otranto.

Vlore is ceded

Hungarian Valona

Finally, the third expansion decision that is opened up by Turanism is related to the United Principalities of Romania. Should this state exist, and hold its major cities, and you have chosen the Magyarisation path, a decision will become available in which you can demand Oltenia from Romania. This ultimatum is most likely to be rejected, granting you an excuse to invade Romania and enforce a harsh (and custom-tailored) peace.

End the Romanian Principalities

War for Oltenia

If you win the war, several options will become available in the ensuing peace-deal.

Peace with Romania

In all options you will keep Oltenia, puppet the remained of Wallachia, and get a decision on what the fate of Moldavia should be. One option for instance is to release Bessarabia as a dominion.

The Bessarabian Dominion

Another option is to offer Moldavia to a neighbouring power in compensation for your gains in Wallachia.

Negotiations Over Moldavia

Deal Over Moldavia

Be sure to check out the download section of the mod to download this brand new patch! Find the mod here:

Divergences of Darkness

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