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Preview of the upcoming patch for the Divergences of Darkness Victoria II mod, focusing on the Caste War of Mesoamerica, part of the content added in the upcoming Divergences of Darkness release.

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Today we're continuing our round of previews for the upcoming patch for the Divergences of Darkness mod for Victoria II. Last time we talked about the consequences of the Congress of Andagoya and mores specifically of choosing to maintain slavery legal. Let's now take a look at the outcome of advocating the continuance of the Caste System for the Indians during the Congress.

Taking an intolerant stance towards the Indians will kick off an event chain leading to the Caste War. First off, you'll be informed of the main source of unrest in the lands populated by indigenous Mesoamerigan peoples: the demographic pressure and the competition for land at a time when Indian population numbers are finally recovering from the upheavals of the Spanish conquest.

Indian Demographics

The next pressing issue will be that of the Indian Republics. A relic of the colonial system of tribute extraction, this form of self-government for the native Mesoamerigans has been abolished in the new constitution drafted in the Congress of Andagoya. Although the reasons aren't entirely unreasonable - the 'republics' being replaced by ethnically-blind councils - de-facto this means that criollos are now taking over the key government positions in the head towns and displacing the native leaders.

End of the Indian Republics

Though the Indian countryside might be simmering with conflict, the lid will only be blown off once the Indian farmers are forced to serve in the Gran Colombian army, should you find yourself embroiled in any war.

Indian Conscription

The situation eventually blows off in the Purepechan lands, where a peasant uprising is bloodily crushed by the Gran Colombian military. Although this does effectively take off the Purepechans from the revolutionary equation, the consequences are dire: widespread rebellion thorughout Mesoameriga in solidarity with the fallen of Chilpacingo and the creation of the secessionist League of Cemanahuac.

Creation Cemanahuac

League of Cemanahuac

Should you choose to play as the League of Cemanahuac, you will eventually get an event dissolving the war-time alliance after the conflict with Gran Colombia comes to a victorious conclusion. This will allow you to play as several Mesoamerigan nations: the Nahua, Otomi, Huastecs, Yucatecs, Quiche, Mixe, Mixtec and Zapotecs.

Stay tuned for more dev diaries as we gear up for release of the upcoming patch later on in this month. Find the mod here:

Divergences of Darkness

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