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Outline of the Courthouse, Cottage, Barber shop, and the 'Prefect' Ministry in Brunelleschi: Age of Architects.

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The Town Square is the Default Rank 2 District so you have to build it if you want to build anything more than the five Rank 1 Districts. Fortunately, it's an incredibly rewarding district to have. It's main building is a Currency boosting Infrastructure building, it's Exclusive is a happiness generator and it's linked is residential.

District Action - Vote

Voting is only available in Settlements that are with Government and Society systems that allow for participatory Government. Depending on a variety of things including your Level, Rank, Class, and Social Position, you may be able to Vote on matters of Diplomacy, Warfare, Taxation, Immigration, and the changing of Economic, Social, and Political Systems.

Main Building - Courthouse

Citizens rejoice as justice and peace are brought to the land! The Courthouse brings both happiness and security. It increase currency income by 2% per level within the Town Square and by 2% for all Districts in the Interior category Settlement wide. It also increases by 2 and by 1% throughout the Settlement. There can only be one, so you might as well build a really big one.

Exclusive Building - Barber Shop

Local Barber Shops are vital to Civilian happiness and health. They offer some of the best healthcare available in the time period! These handy buildings can only be built in the Town Square but you can build as many as you have lots for. The Barber Shop is a Rank 2 Happiness and Health building, prividing 10 Bronze Litra per Peasant living in the Town Square and 20 Health per building per level in the Town Square as well as processing Herbs into valuable Tinctures.

Linked Building - Cottage

The Cottage is the natural linked partner to the Barber Shop, as it houses Peasants with relative efficiency, which will in turn stack the Barber shop bonuses per Peasant. Cottages are lovely Sandstone constructions that can house up to 100 Peasants per level. They don't mind being packed together so tightly if everyone is clean and well shaven.

Ministry - Prefecture

The Prefecture is the first Ministry of the Religion Department. It is therefore naturally mainly responsible for the happiness and welfare of the people. Managing this residential and happiness district in a way that balances other, less happy districts in the overall Settlement will be enough of a job for any talented Minister.

Minister - Prefect

Naturally the Minister to take up both the Courthouse and the first primary Religious district must be a head, shoulders, and moral standing above the rest (or at least perceived as such). Prefecture is a hold-over from the Roman systems of the past, and the Lord holding this position is responsible for the safety of those living within.

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