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This article describes the 'Temple District' and outlines its buildings, action, and ministry.

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Whether you're looking to repair a damaged Faith rating or simply boost an adequate one, the Temple district is single in it's purpose. No matter what religion your nation and/or people follow, this district provides them with a safe and peaceful place to do so. Some may prefer to walk the quiet cobbled paths while others will gather in well-appointed temples. Whatever the form of prayer, the Temple District is a good place to do it.

District Action - Meditate

In a place so beautiful, one can feel closer their higher power(s). The quiet and respectful environment is perfect for a soul-wearied adventurer to take a deep breath and rest for a time. While this kind of rest doesn't restore you physically, player regains 25% of their Magic points. Rather than a static bonus that becomes less useful as your character gains in levels and power, this action provides a bonus relevant to how much Magic you can have and would like to return to.

Main Building - Pantheon

One of the most notorious religious buildings ever built. The Pantheon houses many beautiful statues of ancient Gods and there's always been room for one more. There is plenty of room in the Pantheon for many faiths and priesthoods, all of whom can gain benefit from this large sacred building. Every level of this grand structure increases the Faith of the people city-wide, and provides a few incredibly prestigious rooms for Exemplars. Aided by the quiet servants of the Pantheon, those lucky residents are able to spend more of their daily energy, providing an AP capacity bonus.

Exclusive Building - Church

The Church is an excellent Happiness/Processing hybrid building. Each Church built increases local faith drastically. The sober priests within can be trusted with the careful work of processing herbs into Tinctures, a necessity for good, healthy cities. These buildings are useful both to the Faithful and the Business-minded, for the holy laborers can always produce more Tinctures than the flock needs for health and well-being. These lovely buildings can only be built inside the Temple District. No other location is peaceful enough to support them.

Linked Building - Chapel

When the Faith happiness decreases, this represents the lack of community and common purpose among your NPC population. They fear the unknown and need a higher power to guide them. Low Happiness can be cured in any district with the construction of a Chapel. These powerful little buildings have a single purpose: to improve Faith for the district in which they were built (which can be all of them). Districts thick with population will often contain a Chapel or two for the spiritual health of the local population.

Minister - Reeve

The Reeve is the first available Religious Ministry and are expected to sleep among the Gods in the Pantheon itself. This Minister may have a personal Faith, which may even line up with the National Faith, but their job is not to judge. No matter which Gods sit in the Pantheon and are worshiped in the surrounding area, it is the Reeve's job to tend to all of them and their flocks as they visit the temples.

Downsides - There are no notable downsides to the Temple District, save that it is single-purpose. This is an entire district dedicated to a Happiness that could, technically, be handled individually in every district with buildings such as the Chapel. Building this district will be the choice of each Sovereign, and will not be beneficial to all of them.
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