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The Inner Courtyard is an essential district for Medium Sized settlements, this article describes its buildings, action, and ministry.

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The Inner Courtyard the Rank 4 Default district and is an essential expression of wealth and power of a growing Settlement. In fact, NPCs and neighbors won't consider a Settlement has having any potential to grow without one. After all, no place is any place without an extravagant solid marble building.

District Action - Dine in the Hall

It's bring your own Wine and Groceries, but with that you can join the endless eating party going on in the Great Hall. The moment the Inner Courtyard completes, every citizen gains not only the ability but the privilege of bringing their own supper and Dining in the Hall.

Main Building - Great Hall

The Great Hall serves three major purposes. 1) Providing a location for constant feasting, 2) Providing luxurious housing for Exemplars, and 3) producing nutritious Beer. Every level of this building only increases the Feasting, Housing, and Beer, earning growing Respect throughout the settlement. Every NPC and Exemplar in your Settlement and out will be able to see your success in the form of your luxurious Great Hall.

Exclusive Building - Orchards

These precious trees can only grow within the Inner Courtyard, and providing space for them it's it's second greatest function. (The first being unlocking other Rank 4 Districts). Orchards grow Olives, which are the only path to Oil Presses and all Oil-reliant products. If for some reason you ever have enough olives, Orchards can also grow Produce.

Linked Building - Tackhouse

You can never have too many Pack Animals. Good for processing into Trader Equipment, using for Direct Trades, and useful in many Scenarios and Actions. Tackhouses process Livestock into Pack Animals, increase Prosperity, and decrease Health in their district.

Ministry - LandscapingThe ministry of the Inner Courtyard concerns itself mainly with maintaining the enjoyable atmosphere of the district. This mostly involves tending the trees and keeping the donkeys from chewing the hedges.

Minister - Chief Gardener

In charge of all the natural beauty housed within this respite from city life, the Chief Gardener holds a humble title for such a respectable position. This minister tends the Great Hall as well as the beautiful local Orchards.

Downsides - Ideally built, the Inner Courtyard is indefensible. Though several happinesses are provided for by it's native buildings, not a single point of Security is provided for. Sovereigns should consider defenses.
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