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A Brief outline of the Action, Ministry, and Buildings available in the Fishing Outpost, one of 5 Starting Districts available to Rank 1 Settlements in Brunelleschi: Age of Architects.

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The Fishing Outpost

More than just a strong smell of virtual fish, the Fishing Outpost has a flavor all it's own. Fish based jokes aside, this district has a lot to offer a Settlement, new or old. The Fishing Outpost is a Rank 1 district and therefore one of the first options a new Sovereign gains. While both the Forest Outpost and the Residential are incredibly tempting, and the Palisade is undeniably comforting, it's important to consider economic power of the oceans.

Action - Go Fishing

The first benefit of the fishing district is a brand new action. Sure, every district gives you an action of some sort but where else can you reap the wealth of the sea? Go Fishing offers number of Fish, Mollusks, Oysters, Dyes, or Pearls based on your character's Mettle and Judgement scores.

Main Building - Boat Launch

The Boat Launch is the main building and the secret strength of the Fishing Outpost. It is not only a processing building for the resources produced by the Fishing Piers, but is also a sovereign's first access to the Shipping aspect of the game. The Boat Launch can store 2 Boats per level, recruits their crews, and increases prosperity for the whole settlement. It processes Oysters into Pearls and mysterious Black Pearls, Mollusks into Dyes, and Fish into tasty Fillets.

Exclusive Building - Marina

The Marina is the exclusive building of the Fishing Outpost that adds 1 Boat of storage for every level you build it. It also increases your Boat income by 5 Silver Drachma and District health of 5 per level.

Linked Building - Fishing Pier

The Fishing Pier is a harvesting building linked to the Fishing Outpost. This means you can build one anywhere in your city but are 10% more effective in the Fishing Outpost. This is where you get all those raw ingredients the Boat Launch and Fishery process. It harvests Fish, Mollusks and Oysters.

Ministry - Marine Affairs

The Ministry of Marine Affairs resides in the Education Department. They will rule over the coast and control ownership and construction of buildings in the Fishing Outpost. They will have access to the product of Fishing Outpost Harvesting, Processing, and Crafting buildings and their attributes will contribute to the district's effectiveness.

Minister - Marine Biologist

Downsides - Rank 1 and Specialized

The Fishing Outpost suffers from all the same downsides as most R1 Districts, including very limited Minister power, low Defense rating, minimal Garrison Space, and an overall limitation to the number of plots. The 10% bonus to Fishing Piers may ultimately not save this District from the chopping block as more lucrative and effective Maritime solutions present themselves later in the game.

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