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The first sanctuary is continuing to get closer and closer to completion, Meshing About is working on FMC again and more. :)

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District One Progress and more!

District Progress

Over the last few days I have been focusing on the ground of the first district and have finished modeling the different areas and have created a few texture to break it up. This makes it a lot less bland to look at as you are walking around and as more content gets added I will refine the ground so it fits like a glove.

The first District is 3.5km wide by 2km deep so it will take some time to fill but it is well on its way. I also recorded a video of me walking around some of the District to show off the changes in game (I had to give the RIG unlimited boost so I could cover ground quicker). The video HD so if you want a good look change the you tube window to HD.


I have also made a first draft of the 6th Guardian of Kronos Jorden. It needs work and I am by not a great drawer but I think it is a good start. It is all about practis, the more I make the better it gets.

Meshing About

For those of you who do not know Meshing about is an artist friend of mine that has done some work on FMC in the past and is not working on it again. At the moment he is working on a nice arena for the Sanctuary. If you would like to follow what he is doing with FMC he has an almost dayly vlog that he does.


As always thanks for your time and interest, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)
If you would like know know more about FMC or Meshing about, all our socials are listed below.
Have a great day!

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