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DHL2 beta release date and info concerning the beta, what to expect, what not to expect.

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So it's been quite a while but things are finally moving again. We have a very small active team without much free time at the moment but we're doing everything we can to prepare something releasable and are truthfully nearly finished. We're fully intending to release sometime before Christmas, but first we need to discuss...

What to expect
-As yet, there is no hand to hand melee and there are no special attacks nor blocking for the melee weapons that are in.
-There are only two player models, but new ones may be added easily.
-All weapons have fully functional models but many lack skins and/or have animation issues.
-Numerous minor bugs will still exist but with community help they can be addressed quickly.
-Values for weapon damage, accuracy, and rate of fire have been quickly tested for balance but are implemented entirely in scripts, so detailed feedback from the community will be helpful for refinements.

We do have
-Ten great maps
-Deathmatch, team deathmatch, last man standing, and team roundplay gamemodes
-All the obvious things you take for granted until having to produce them personally (HUD, options panels, selection menus, etc.)
-16 weapons, including throwable knives and one pistol that can be wielded single or akimbo
-Body armor as a selectable item
-Basic dives
-Slow motion


wow at least its not dead

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:0 Uh... Uh... Uh... Your... Alive? I NEED BETAZZAAZ!

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I am super excited!

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