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Buildmode interface changes, code optimization, new models. Everything is going well.

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Disorder in Space v0.9 Update and Devblog

The Buildemode has an all new Interface, you can choose your blocks now in a menu by pressing Tab.
You can now also save multiple ships and load them. 00Fant, the main coder of the game, also optimized his code a lot, for even faster development.

This is an overview for all the implemented building blocks in v0.9
The weapon models (the last 4 bottom row) are getting reworked soon.

Im almost done with this, not sure if its going to replace the Railgun or the Lasergun

A preview of what you can do in the buildmode

Overall code optimization
Weapon balance changes
New skybox

Interface changes, Tab to open the Block menu.
Save and Load now for multiple Ships.

ADDED: Rocketlauncher
ADDED: Lasergun
ADDED: Railgun
ADDED: 2 different Corner Blocks
ADDED: Tetrahedron Block

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