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Discouraged Workers updated on Steam and IndieGameStand, itchio!

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Thank you for your visit. I am Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. I've updated Discouraged Workers V0.9.99 on September 10th, 13:00~14:30, PDT.

The changes:

  • Added the display(Fullscreen, Window) control to Configuration screen
  • Fixed bug: removed the idle border to 'Self-inflicted' and 'Bridge of the Life'
  • Fixed bug: if you didn't granted 'Dying Message', the next button will hide on 'Rubbish and rubbish can'
  • Fixed the text position of the Archives Alarm(for non Steam users)
  • Fixed typo: removed unnecessary white space and comma for Diary Archive
  • Fixed grammar: Concept> Accident
  • Fixed one dialogue
  • Re-integrated dialogues with Korean(prepare the language support)

Fixed by Brian Connors(translation advisor)

Concept> Accident
Before: "Accident" tell what happens after "Epilogue" which is the basic ending of "Discouraged Workers"
After: "Accident" tells what happens after "Epilogue" which is the basic ending of "Discouraged Workers"

Before: She replies with a little bit serious face.
After: She replies with a slightly serious expression on her face.

The next update plan:

  • Replace one music: Unknown Mist
  • Add sfx: Broken plate
  • Add the Ending Credits
  • Fix Steam Achievements grant condition: Frontier, Honorable Frontier
  • Fix Steam Achievement: Someday(change the name, active grant condition)
  • Hide Steam Achievement: MOD Player(until the support it)
  • Improve sfxs quality: 64Kbps> 500Kbps
  • Change the price of the game
  • Discouraged Workers - Original Sound Track DLC Release
  • Update the Demo
  • Official Release

As already known to Koreans, Bridge of the life on Mapo Bridge, it is demolished soon. Need to people is a realistic alternative for life.

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