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Discouraged Workers updated on Steam and IndieGameStand, itchio, and Humble Widget!

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Thank you for your visit. I'm Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. I've updated the Discouraged Workers Beta(Early Access) on August 5th, 01:50 and 19:10, PDT.

The recent changes:

  • Fixed Steam Achievement progress: Honor Student.
  • Fixed Steam Achievement: Alleviated the condition of KNDW Master(Now the Achievement is not affected for the granted order).
  • Fixed BGM for Distortion: This is a temporary measure.
  • Improved visibility: Fixed dissolve transition of some event CG sprites.
  • Fixed Autoplay function: Now the game will remember your autoplay setting if you quit the game with save or game menu.
    bb_blockquote wrote: Originally posted by Rin:I have a problem every reopen the game always "auto-read" mode
  • Added hint for Self-inflicted: Now you can decide to see the reaction of Ga-yeon.
    bb_blockquote wrote: Originally posted by ΣΎΣΎ burned witch:in my opinion - there is no logic so we must just guess - and that led me to frustration, causing me to wish to stop playing. can there be some dialogue added, to help the player guess what choices = which consequences? this would make a lot more sense.


  • Now you can check the 100% Achievements Guide written by Pink Monkey.
  • If you want to hentai or hentai game, you do not need to buy this game. I never even once mentioned that my game is hentai game.

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