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Discouraged Workers Beta updated on Steam and IndieGameStand,, Humble Widget.

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Thank you for your visit. I'm Lee Yun-Seok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. Today, I've updated the game.

1st Major Update

I've updated Discouraged Workers on Steam and IndieGameStand, itchio, and Humble Widget. The recent changes:

  • Add new arts to event cutscene: Riding Style, Breast-feeding, Fellatio
  • Change the name of Clerk for the progress
  • Fix some centered text to normally dialogues
  • Fix Steam Achievement progress: Book Reader
  • Inactive Archives alarm on Steam(Not for linux version)

2nd Major update planned(It will be soon as possible.)

  • Change the title(main menu) screen
  • Add save and load buttons to Bookmarks screen
  • Fix Autoplay toggle function: If you change the text speed, the autoplay will be disabled. And if you enabled autoplay, the text spped is changed to the default settings.
  • Fix BGM: Sea of nectar(Remove melody, Missing update today)
  • Add new arts: Frustration, Vomiting, Pusillanimous
  • Add new objects(Inactive): Pencil Holder, Cutter knife, Diary
  • Steam Early Access users can 100% Achievements

Other updates planned

  • Change Steam capsule images
  • Add new Steam Trading Cards(Inactive)


  • It was only a few days from the started early access on Steam. Thank you for your interest in this game. I got enough revenue to pay the remaining cost of translation. If the refund does not happen a lot, I can release Discouraged Workers.
  • Discouraged Workers Teen will be released on Appstore and Googleplay in July, or early august.
  • You knew it? I want to everyone has a job, what they want to do.
    bb_blockquote wrote: Originally posted by Victoria Stilwell, US economics reporter for Bloomberg News, June 5th: 563K discouraged workers in May, down a whopping 26% from the month before. Volatility aside, these numbers have been shrinking.

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