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Link to the Dúnedain Counter Invasion Discord server. Content for the upcoming release as well as planned content for future releases.

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Discord server:

Join the Dúnedain Counter Invasion Discord server for updates and discussions about the mod:

The new release is right around the corner, meanwhile you can download this music mod by Araval:

Heroes and units

prominent generals and units

Upcoming Release Content:

  • Animation set for dwarf halberdmen, spearmen and bowmen with string (provided by Fynn)
  • Dwarf-sized strategy map animation set (provided by Callistonian)
  • Strategy map models for Dwarves (generals, diplomat, spy, assassin) * preview *
  • Updated dwarven weapons for champions, veterans, 2H axemen (mostly textures)
  • Rebalanced stats for Dwarves (some stronger and more useful units)
  • Extra stats on the unit info page (thanks to Fynn for his stat tool)
  • Invasion and Tôl Acharn regular armies have 50% upkeep discount (was previously 100%)
  • Invasion and Tôl Acharn volunteers and mercenaries have 100% upkeep discount
  • Short bow string animation (implemented for mordor and oom archers)
  • Removed fire arrows for elite units and bodyguard units
  • Balrog general * preview *
  • Updated Witch King, Elrond, Cirdan and Glorfindel custom models
  • Custom model for Zagmuz (mordor general) * preview *
  • Followers of the Eye invasion mercenary * preview *
  • One handed animation for mordor generals
  • Updated Moria infantry, Goblin waylayers (models also used for bodyguards, general, captain and heavy bannerman) * preview *
  • Optimized Orc units (less crashes)
  • Reduced polycount and updated strategy map models for the Boldog generals
  • Some new portraits and event pictures
  • Updated rebel units made using Myth Total War assets by Briarius * preview *
  • Fixed patches of very bright snow

Evil generals and units

prominent evil generals and units

Planned Content:

Some work in progress and ideas for future releases (likely 2023)

  • Updated Orc of the Misty Moutains units (in progress)
  • Updated Hill Men of the Mountains units (in progress)
  • Regional Rebel and Mercenary units (in progress)
  • Updated Troll and Mumakil units
  • Updated Ringwraith generals with Unique DCI designs
  • New and updated Hero generals for every faction
  • Custom designs for unique bodyguards
  • Overall fixes and improvements to existing units
  • New strategy map models for several agents

Fallen Maiar

Fallen Maiar

Team Openings:

DCI: Last Alliance is in need of team members or one time contributors to accomplish certain important tasks, such as:

  • Improve or remake the existing Balrog script (high priority)
  • Make and test campaign balancing changes (high priority)
  • Make faction intro videos and more (medium priority)
  • Make unit info card images with the Cinematic Editor (medium priority)
  • Help with the design, modelling and texturing tasks listed in the Planned Content (medium priority)
  • New Splash Screen and Menu design (low priority)
  • Proof-reading and re-wording existing text (low priority)

If you would like to work on any of the tasks above, feel free to send me a message here on moddb or on Discord.

Additional Screenshots:

Moria Infantry

Goblin Waylayers

Followers of the Eye


Glad to hear news from you!

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Lets ******* gooo!

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