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Conquer and Command's gone to pot... It's time for a Red Alert 3 mod!

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Right, so Dan's done a sneeky one:

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"What to do? Are we going to carry this on? Or start again from scratch?

I think we've come to a dead-end.
We need more time to sort out all of the coding and need to sort out what programmes we need.
Are we using the right one?
Do we need to start from scratch?
Hopefully, Dan, your new course will give us a little boosh in the idea making scheme! And get us some moose busting programme with it too :)

We need it sorting out...
Maybe the summer?

Modeling and Animation"

"dan2172: well your be happy to know I've bean a bit naughty.......and started modding red alert 3 without teling you....and I have all the needed programs at the monment I've got 2 new units and 4 new base defences and I pretty much know what I'm doing and if you said add a new unit I'd have one up and ingame in about 10 mins.

So I'm ready when you are

Oh and I say start again"

So, it looks like we're disbanding this mod and moving it to Red Alert 3. I'll fill you all in on later details as we get started, and I'll rob some pictures of Dan's current work when I can.

Modeling and Animation

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