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Democan was found to be a liar and was kicked from Chronicles Team. Yours truly scam mod, Complete Saga, will probably never get released tho!

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Democan, after one day of joining our team left it mysteriously after spamming our team boards. I quickly caught him over MSN and he told me that he lied and he cant map, model, script or use dragon and the screen shots he used to apply for us were stolen.

I am pretty sure he stole some of our progress but luckily we dont keep our files in forums which means he only stole a small bit of our betas.

I am disappointed both for supporting him in joining our team and seeing another Turkish scammer like Osman Gunyaz (aka Tim)

As democan described, all the screen shots are made up of decompiled maps and stolen models which are not even scripted.

I hope he doesn't release our betas and spoil the updates. I am sorry both for decreasing Chronicles' reputation. I can tell you that anyone who wants to join the team will have a much harder time after this..

Selman Akinci (Jedilight)


I told you it's Tim from ******* KOTF >:(

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