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News of our progress with the mod, and with new friends from MDegtyare, these new friends will help us, as part of adding DirectX 9 and 10 in Stalker SHOC.

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Last night, I communicated with some friends of Degtyarev (Member of our
community), their friends are expert in the development, sent a great
message explaining how this our mod out, what we intend to do and WHAT
we have especially put
the mod.
Offered a place for the four Poles, spent a few hours and they answered:
NimbleVintar, thank you for your place at LostMods, but we're working
on something different for STALKER, we can help you guys to put the
DirectX 9 and 10 in Stalker SHOC, so we need to be online all day, with
some program (type
Skype), Good Night.
So I trusted him, and MDegtyarev who knows the Polish language, it is connected with them. It seems that this group did a great mod for Stalker SHOC, I have my
suspicions that it was the boys who left the Dezowave, but let it go.

In part of graphics, we are with Shader WolfHunterrr, players, can they choose Shader WolfHunterrr, or Dynamic Shaders - 2.0.
There was an update in the animations of the weapons, and we will soon
post videos, animations were not made by us, but already existing.

Soon a BETA download, with no modified map will be released, but only with the modified graphics.
Currently the Mod is in BETA (0.4), in the next update there will be a series of scripts.
(Stalker SHOC Remastered 0.4 BETA)

  • Modified graphics.
  • New scripts.
  • Mod textures (Absolute Absolute Nature and Structures).
  • Textures modified by LostMods.
  • New Weapons Animations (Not been made by us).
  • New Environment Sons, weapons, material, Voices, mutants, items (Some
    Sounds healthful SHOC Stalker Complete 2009, but most is fully modified)
  • New artificial intelligence.
  • New animations for NPCs.
  • New items for the Actor use.
  • The Costumes now have different prices and different characteristics.
  • Mechanical BETA 0.1, you can upgrade all weapons.
  • New areas on maps, has mutants, abandoned areas are full of anomalies or mutants. Be careful, and get off not exploring all at once.
  • Uninhabited places, now has life.
  • Lamps can be destroyed, after lead shot.
  • At night, unknown mutants are loose (Alpha 0.1)
  • Added mutants (Zombie, Chimera, Butcher, Bear Chemical.)
  • Added factions (version 0.2.1 Alpha) Communist and Fascist.
  • Escape maps, Garbage, fully modified, with new trees, different places, different points.

Right now these, are the only changes we can move in order of NimbleVintar.
Briefly as promised, I will drop images of the maps changed in Beta version 0.4.
I used the (helpful), if I wrote something that does not understand, let us know, because I'll retype everything again.
LostMods 2015

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