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More and more menus, trophies, details on a mini-game, and bits for the fighting, are starting to be created.

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(This will probably get archived again, but I noticed that they still get views so it's good either way)

Hello everyone. Hope you're doing wonderfully.

I have come to share some more details about Super Smash Bros. Feud's development. I have, as you can see in the media, created the Trophies submenu. Position of the option graphics are not final, and neither is the menu itself, it still needs preview icons for the next option. Entering Hoard or Gallery will call this nice message window when the player does not have any trophies. The Trophy Collector option probably caught your attention. It's going to be a mini-game where you collect trophies by smashing them into a goal in classic Smash style. It's inspired by the Snag the Trophies stage in Melee's Classic mode, you may or may not remember it. As I'm fleshing it out, I'm also deciding whether or not to make it multi-player as well. Most likely yes, to make it more fun and productive to collect trophies. The Shop mechanic from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / Nintendo 3DS will return as well.

Everything is going just swimmingly, however. No snags or errors, still. I'm about to start work on the Gallery and the menus that are associated with it. I've still got a lot of work ahead of me in all areas, but I'm looking forward to it. I love developing this game.

The number of songs in the soundtrack has officially passed the 400 mark. Looping all of them one-by-one is a long task, but it gets done. It includes a host of new music, as well as all of the returning music from real Smash games I wanted to use. Collection of sound effects is still happening as well. Lots and lots of sounds. *laughs*. I'm amazed by the amount of content I have planned.

On the graphics side, I am still creating renders and cosmetics for the fighters and stages, as well as creating the text for the heads-up display, such as "GAME!" and "Time!" and the like. I'm enjoying the process thoroughly, and once I finish the game, I hope you'll all have as much fun playing as I currently am making it.

See you next time!


keep going man hopefully the graphics are better than super smash bros crusade

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TabuuForteAkugun Author

Hello! Thank you so much for the kind words! And I believe they will be. ;)

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