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More updates, including graphical ones and more stuff about programming and renders. Menu troubles, and the first news regarding the fight engine.

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Hi again! It's Tabuu. I hope you're all doing great. Weather's improving here, I'm graduating from college, etc. Everything here is going fantastic.

Okay, time to talk about the game a little bit.

Development is still going pretty steady. I'm working on audio (including SFX) and fixing up a big glitch in the Sound Test. I'm trying to make it able to return to the last song you play before exiting the submenu (excluding when the game is closed) just like in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It's proving very challenging, but I'm working around the clock to fix it up. Not promising so far, but I'm not giving up.

On the SFX side, I'm gathering and converting them, including lots of audio from games in the real series. I'm putting them in the code as sound bank arrays so I can just refer to them in gameplay with just numbers.

Next up, the Title Screen. While the layout is complete, I still have to make the intro to it, where the letters in "SUPER SMASH BROS." gather together. I am working on that as well on the side. What's also left before creating new menus and the like is fixing menu graphic positions when the new menu layout. I will do splash screens next.

I also worked on renders for the Classic mode Intros and character selection portraits, and broke stages apart into sprites and layers for drawing. The new BrawlBox data viewer now allows perfect rendering of 3D models with features such as "shine" and specular maps, And it looks really good. Feud, if I may say so, might LOOK actually 3D, but remember, it's sprite-based.

Now you're probably wondering when I'll get to the actual fighting and gameplay. Well, I have news on that as well. I wrote a basic skeleton engine for handling the matches, and I will obviously modify it when I start focusing on that. I will put HUD stuff in the same class.

That's about it for me, see you on the next Director's News issue!

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