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Development progress update number 1: my plans for this project, what I'm focusing on and what to expect later. I detail what I wish to do and what I'm working on at the present moment of writing this. As I write this, many screens are complete or in progress.

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Hello everyone. This is the developer of Super Smash Bros. Feud, Tabuu, speaking! I hope you're all doing good this fine spring!

This is my first "journal", where I bring news directly to you, potential players!

Okay, so here's the scoop.

I am spending every available moment developing Feud. I very seldom take breaks. I work like a horse on this project, it's one of my biggest game projects. It's my most ambitious RPG Maker game ever, where I have re-written almost every core function that comes with the engine's default script. Feud runs pretty much entirely on my custom-written code.

Okay, so here's how these updates will work: When I write these, I will bring you updates on development progress, and eventually, gradually reveal content. I'm literally doing everything on what will be a pretty large-scale fan-game, so please, bear with me. But on the other hand, I'm having an absolute blast, so it's not tedious. *laughs*

I'm just saying that right now, I'm focusing on interface and menu aspects, as well as gathering the large asset collection: sound effects, sprites, music, all that jazz.

Now I know what's on everyone's mind. First of all, you probably want the roster and second, a playable demo. The roster is where I want it to be currently, but it's not set in stone yet and it will be revealed in due time. I like to give surprises. As for a demo, I will release one when at least 10 characters have been revealed. A total of 5 of them will be playable. I haven't decided on stages, either, except for returning ones.

I intend to do like my inspiration, Mr. Sakurai: create and show gameplay and reveal trailers. I hope you look forward to that!

That's pretty much it for this News, hope to see you again!

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