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A lot of Dinosaur Fossil Hunter content is coming your way! Patch v2.2 and Designer DLC have been released! Design and paint dinosaurs to your liking! What's more, new dinosaur skeleton is in the works as a part of upcoming Raptor DLC!

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Hello again, Fossil Hunters!

We have plenty of news for you!

Designer DLC is now available!

Bring some life to your museum and show your creativity to the world!

With Designer DLC, you can paint life-sized dinosaur models of all species available in the game. Grim black T-Rex? Earthly brown triceratops? Or maybe you want to go all out and create the most attention catching dinosaur possible?

This DLC comes with many tools to make this dream a reality!

  • 10 Dinosaur species to paint
  • 10 poses for each Dinosaur species to arrange your display
  • 2 gameplay modes:
  • Normal (which takes game progression into account)
  • Sandbox (which allows you to paint every Dino from start)
  • 50+ textures for skin, scales etc...
  • 30+ skin patterns and decals
  • 20+ blood decals
  • Full color palette
  • 130+ texture sets with skins
  • 20+ independent textures for free combination with skin textures
  • 30+ additional decals for museum decoration in 2 color variants

You can get Designer DLC HERE.

Patch v2.2

Patch v2.2 for the base game has been released as well! Take a look at the changelog below to see what's new:

Changelog v2.2


  • added 18 new museum and exposition decorations
  • upgraded terrain at quarry locations
  • added faster pallet truck movement (with shift button)
  • added drone to sandbox museum


  • fixed issue with dinosaur unable to remove from exposition
  • fixed museum gates colliders
  • fixed issues with controls panel unable to hide
  • fixed Styracosaurus fossils inspection issue
  • fixed issues with achievements:
  • Eagle eye
  • Show your story
  • All by myself!
  • filled empty space on trains
  • fixed infinite loading screen in prologue after sending crates to museum
  • fixed invisible collider at train station HUB no.2
  • fixed terrain issues at Grizzliest East map
  • sandbox museum mode fixes
  • fixed blinking exposition floor
  • fixed bench that could be placed anywhere
  • fixed issue with picking up the default language from Steam
  • fixed issue allowing overlapping displays
  • fixed saving of mirror poses
  • fixed bug with taking the boxes off the car after loading the game

Work in progress:

  • new DLC
  • fixing optimisation issues at prologue and quarry locations
  • fixing achievement issues

We hope that with these changes, you'll have even more fun during your adventures!

That's not all! After many days and weeks of hard work, we can tell you about another piece of content we have in the works…

Raptor DLC

The Raptor DLC will include:

  • new Dinosaur species: Utahraptor ostrommaysi
  • new active dig sites on Dinosaur Canyon location
  • 10 skeleton poses
  • 252 unique bones

Did you know that the Velociraptors seen in the film Jurassic Park were actually the size of Utahraptor?! In reality Utahraptor was quite a bit bigger than Velociraptor; adults were around 20 feet (6.1 meters) long and around 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall at the hip.

The Raptors shown in original Jurassic Park were enlarged Velociraptors (too big for current knowledge back then), but a few days after the film was released Paleontologists discovered the Utahraptors which were actually the size shown in the Film!

Add Raptor DLC to your wishlist today to make sure you don’t miss any future announcements!

Best Regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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