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A short video diary displaying some of the new features in Digitanks. Includes: New visual effects, gameplay expansions, and new weapons.

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There's been a dearth in updates for a while, so I figured I would bring everybody abreast of what's going on in the form of a video diary. Digitanks has been under constant development with the aim of putting out a major update. Here's the video:

A great deal of effort has been put into refining the gameplay. My confidence level in the fun factor of this version has increased tenfold. No stone has been left unturned to turn this game into a veritable powerhouse in fun-ness. This includes new terrain types, new weapons, new unit skills, completely revamped gameplay for faster playing pace, and a lot of custom maps to choose from. Perhaps if I do additional videos I'll demonstrate some of the other mechanisms I've put in that accomplish this.

At the moment we're working on bringing the graphics level up to par. We received a lot of comments on the previous version that while the game was fun enough, the graphics weren't all there. I can't say I didn't agree, and the new version is vastly improved in that respect. There is a wealth of new particle systems for all of the weapons, and a lot of new environmental art like a skybox. No more will the Digitanks battlefield be imprisoned by the cold black infinity of void. Now there is a Digiverse beautifully rendered with digital mountains and lava below the playing field that you can knock your enemies into.

If a lot of people like this video I'll consider making more of them with greater depth into the development of the game, so if you like it vote with your keyboard by leaving a comment.

Maxivz - - 152 comments

What 3d base did you use for your engine or you written it by yourself as well?
I relly like the hud overhaul and grapics work around, looks much better now

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Vino Author
Vino - - 132 comments

I wrote it from scratch. I used some support libraries but I wrote the core engine and rendering code myself.

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Maxivz - - 152 comments

Great job dude

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