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Digital Blare reviews SBX: Invasion at their website!

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We just got a pretty nice review from Digital Blare! They gave us a 90% Recommended rating and said some nice things. In their summary they said the game was:

"A fun game with a fanastic soundtrack that combines arcade shooting with tower defense for innovative and frenetic gameplay."

Here is a link to the full review:

And here is the transcript of it:

Digital Blare Review:

For our second edition of the Indie Game Spotlight, we take a look at SBX: Invasion, a PC tower defense game slash arcade space shooter developed by Wakeskater Studio.

Tower Defense games are a lot of fun, but they’re a dime a dozen; SBX: Invasion stands out by adding an active space ship fighter component, arcade-style. The result is a strategy game combined with the simple but addictive elements of a shooter. Jason Carter, the developer behind SBX, calls it “Action Tower Defense”.

The premise is simple: waves of alien invaders are attacking, and you need to build towers to defend your base. Simultaneously, you need to navigate your ship around the map, helping your towers by shooting down the enemies. This simple format with a unique twist makes for a lot of addictive fun. We managed to beat the game on Easy pretty quickly, but got our butts handed to us on the Hard difficulty setting – that is until we learned to use the different tower types properly. This added depth brings a ton of replay value.

We also had a lot of fun with the custom map mode. Similar to Warcraft III’s World Editor, it allows users to build and share their own levels.Ship controls are simple but do a great job of emulating classic arcade fun, and controls are crisp.

While the game is somewhat complex, with many units and commands to master (all while you’re flying around shooting pixel aliens), the tutorial does a great job of easing the player in.We also loved the Chiptune soundtrack; the intro music is way too catchy.A few additional features:

  • Free building
  • Multiple AI types and dynamic pathing
  • Massive boss fights

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