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Exanim Games is looking to hire a Digital Artist to help us improve our website: (no coding required) and also to help us with publicity.

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Digital Artist Needed

Hi all we're looking to hire a digital artist for our most basic of needs. We need a digital artist in order to help us improve our website so that it may look better and help to increase our publicity. As the Exanim Games you will:

  • Get to be a part of the fun group that is Exanim Games
  • You will gain access to any and all alpha and beta editions that you would like to test
  • You will get paid x% of each game we make
  • You will also get to help design each of our games

We are looking for any Digital Artist. So if you are art talents but haven't tried making digital art or are a pro that knows how to design amazing images, please apply. If you are hired you will be required to:

  • Draw logos for games and the company (technically modify our existing logo)
  • Draw images that we may need for our website or handouts
  • You may be required to draw 2d images for our games until we decide to hire a proper 2d game artist

If you're interested after reading this post please apply by clicking here or by emailing us at we are eagerly awaiting applicants. Note: If you don't have a email then send me a private message.


If you get hired we'll totally throw you a Skype celebration party

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