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Summary of most changes in latest v2.0 beta. Improved Edition almost finished now!

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Designed for HARD difficulty gameplay. Most changes made for more fun, challenging and a bit more realistic gunplay.
Improved Edition almost finished now! What's left - only suggested difficulties balance, any type of changes and tweaks to improve game more.

>Recoil animation is very low and more satisfying to shoot. No more crosshair "dancing" around (but be aware vanilla game have bullets spread).
>Bullets hit to enemy/player fixed. Enemies now reacting to damage.
>No more "empty" bullets in magazine (some bullets was only sound).
>Bullets distance fixed, not disappearing mid-air (bullets range changed x3 to original).
>No more infinite respawning enemies, dead bodies not disappear anymore (most of them).
>Boss type enemies have more realistic to human HP.
>No death penalty for shooting/killing SWAT members in Sewer level (worst level in game).
>Many small needed changes and tweaks for game.
!!! Enemies AI and behavior unchanged !!!

>HARD difficulty balanced.
>Easy and Normal some balance changes.


Recoil animation now very low.
(Shooting spread same (vanilla) - but no more shaking crosshair all around.)
Recoil animation now almost non existing for auto-weapons and low as possible (no more crosshair "dancing" around, just slightly left-right). But bullets shooting spread same (vanilla).

All bullets connects while shooting (how it should be).
(Bullets range fixed (x3), all bullets connects - be aware vanilla game have bullets spread)
In game was set how many bullets from magazine connects and how many is "empty" shots. Bullets range was set too short. So basically some fired bullets like "empty" (only sound) and even "good" bullets has short range (no bullet drop, just disappears). So how it was.. shooting to longer distance bullets disappears without reaching target cause that short range, shooting at closer range, some bullets connects, some of them "empty" shots.

Enemies reacting to damage.
After "All bullets connects while shooting" fix (no empty and disappearing bullets) enemies reacts to hits how it should be.

Dead bodies not disappearing anymore (most of them).
In vanilla game, killed enemies disappearing after seconds, now dead bodies stays (this change worked not for all enemies).

No infinite re-spawning enemies.
Game should be not shooting fest. Every terrorist should be threat and if you kill it - is killed.

Enemies "speed running" unnatural speed fixed to normal speed.
Enemies speed changed to normal. Boss type enemies leaved unchanged (faster than general enemies).

Boss type enemies HP changed to more to "human" levels (no more insanely bullet sponges).
Everyone should be human and challenge from Boss type enemies should be more to quickness, accuracy and caution.

No death penalty for shooting/killing SWAT team members in Sewer level.
Now death penalty disabled in worst level in a game (Sewer), you can return fire to SWAT if you need.
In game, if you shoot SWAT or hostages - death penalty (instant 1000 damage to player).
It was confusing level alone, not mentioning SWAT members shooting to kill you while you have to go through them. Many players was quit playing once reached this level.

Many small and other changes.
Not worth mentioning changed stuff like e.g. increased fire extinguisher capacity, wire cutters reach...

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