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We'll explain what's going on with the game. We'll try to explain as good as possible.

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So, it's been a long time since we uploaded an update for a game.

The Reason: we're creating 3D Models for each Character, and their respective Voices. We want to create a Voice Guided System (VGS), adding voice packs to each character (similar idea to Smite). Creating each model takes around 15 minutes, and their voices around half an hour. I'm not going to include the voices until Pre-Alpha or Alpha.

Also I've been improving the Attacking Logic, as well as some systems in the game. I'm personally surprise with the results. And I think I'll release the new update next Tuesday (December 1st) if it's possible.

I'll make I add EVERY SINGLE FEATURE I added to the game previously.

So do not worry, I'm still working on this game. I've having some problems with school and stuff, but I'll keep on working to release the game as soon as possible. The Attacking Logic luckily was easier than I thought, so just copying and pasting all scripts will do it.

Also I've been working on the "Mixing Animations", so that you can Attack with basic attacks or abilities while you walk or run. This will be available probably in Beta (when The Hunters come out).

If you want to support the project, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out our FaceBook page for more info.

Thanks for playing!

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