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Eastern Europe Crisis delivers you a new portion of Polish\Ukrainian vehicles and a new portion from the storyline of the mod. Hope you like it!

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The text below was exclusively taken from diary of Katja Lech, a 18-years old Belorussian resistance member purportedly killed during the Civil War in Belarus. She was known to cover the actual events in Belarus through her twitter and video blog for long 13 months of on the conflict until she was rumored to be captured by surviving KGB members or killed during a chemical attacks - that's all we know about her further fate.

Neither we do know, if the written below is truth and anything but truth, because the diary itself is not pretending to describe the events of the present war in a neutral or balanced tone. Either if the memory of a person is worth something, let these logs be her memory.

Day 1
Election day. Lukaszenka has won again with 87% votes for him. It drives me crazy that our people continue to tolerate such manipulations!

Day 3
But This I remember a large crowd in Minsk gathered, almost million people, all were shouting "Luka must go!". No police was confronting them. Many called to march to the presidential palace, if the demands for fair elections won't be met in 48 hours ultimatum. Looks like he's going to go now! There is no way he can continue sitting on our necks!

Day 4
Suddenly: shooting are heard spontaneously there and there. Some protesters began burning shops and attacking police stations. The president made an ultimatum in return, telling us to go homes, otherwise the demonstrations will be removed by SWAT and dozers. How could him!

Day 5
Rebellion! We moved to the palace unhindered hoping that the security guards of the presidential palace will side with us. After all, we're one million of people. Łukâszenka better escape from the capital now. We are the power.

Day 6
Suddenly it all went wrong. Bloodshed. Lots of bloodshed happened tonight. When we reached the palace, police force and army first told us to turn back, then started shooting at us, immediately killing hundreds. Everybody panicked, somebody started shouting "down with dictatorship!" and "Death to the president!". I ran away, hoping to see the latest news and reactions from Poland and Lithuania. For all these days our courage was upheld by the thought that Poland won't leave us alone.

Day 7
It looks like an open rebellion has began against Łukâszenka's regime. People in all over the country stepped and declared their solidarity with the national revolution. Kobrin, Brześć Litewski, Słonim, many others - all are inflamed with desire to overthrow the regime.

Day 8
Łukâszenka strickes back with deploying tanks and military personnel to shoot the democractialy-inspired people. We have no hopes except foreign intervention.

Day 15
We are not alone, our struggle for freedom won't die that soon. Our neighbourghs - Poland and Lithuania have not only expressed their support for the people. They told that if Łukâszenka won't stop his tanks, he will be crushed by the most advanced army in Europe "in 5 days". Hope to believe it's true!

Day 17
Łukâszenka expressed in a TV interview that we are "bandits and fooled people, manipulated by paid foreign provocateurs" and said that he "ain't afraid of anything". He also added that his army is well trained and was recently supplied by Ukrainian ballistic missiles, able to reach any aggressive capital.

So was the first newsfeed!
Please take it lightly, it's a sci-fi novel, not any personal opinion or prophecy!
This mod can be finished only in one circumstance - if it gets enough support.
Please, support the mod by tracking, commenting, telling your girlfriend, anything you can :)
PS: I almost forgot about the new units:

Polish Supply vehicle Ukrainian Buk SAM Ukrainian Builder
Anders Rosomak APC

Cool article. Im tracking now. ;)

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interesting storyline

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