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Showing off some new spells and how the story of the game will be structured.

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Message box

Dead Harem will be a Role Playing Game with a lot of decision making and story, while the current message box is still pretty basic and you cannot pick choices, it already has a face box to show the character's portrait, a name box for the character's name and the message itself.


The message box will not be used just to display a character's dialogue but it will also describe a character's action or present events with a discernable text color and a book portrait.


While not all skill checks will behave like this, some will be displayed within the message box to motivate an event (seeing something in time if you make a good Spot Skill check or hear an interesting rumor if you make a good Listen Skill check).


Spells are divided into nine tiers, as a level 1 wizard you will be able to access only the first two tiers of magic (0th and 1st).


You can learn spells through scribing scrolls and levelling up, they will be "stored" in a spell book which usually contains 100 pages total.
All the books you own will be read in the Spells category of your character sheet for an easy access, from there, you can read the spells description and then choose to memorize them.

Memorizing spells will be restricted to once a day, unless you rest or use special items that will allow you to read and memorize new spells.
Currently, as a level 1 wizard, you can memorize only 2x Tier 0 magic and 1x Tier 1 magic, once the intelligence modifier is counted, you will be able to memorize a few more.

Once a spell is memorized, you will be able to use it everywhere, both inside and outside the battle phase.
Obviously, some spells are meant to be used outside battle phase, such as...

Detect Magic


It allows you to see the aura of magical creatures or items, spellcasters such as yourself will have an universal blue aura and so will items whose school of magic you cannot identify if you fail the Spellcraft skill-check.

Aura color will not be the only different thing, the aura will also get stronger and more visible depending on the strength of one's magic (notice how Chrome's aura is weaker compared to a strong necromantic artifact's aura).

Such type of magic will have an useful use during some activities outside of battle phase but not so much during a fight.

Mage Armor


Other spells, such as Mage Armor will have sense to be used both inside and outside battle phase, normally you would like to have as much Armour Class as possible before a fight begins but say you forget to use it before a fight, you will have the chance to boost your Armour Class even during a fight, providing that you have memorized the spell for the day.


Spells that are not instantaneous and have an effect that lasts a certain amount of time can be ended at any time by double clicking on the icon displayed at the top right of the screen, also, you can access a spell's description from the in-game menu by right clicking the icon to avoid having to access the Spell category from the character's sheet.

Acid Splash


Finally, we have spells such as Acid Splash that are meant to be used in battle phase but you will be able to use them everywhere else too in future, either to throw a preventive attack to an enemy if he has not spotted you yet or to break down a locked door.

This is all for now!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update.

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