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Some Updates and a new Realease date From the First Beta of the Harry potter mod

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Well, After some bad news I have Some Good news....
A new Update with some new pic's Of the First Beta Diagon Alley
I will post them Today.
I still need some Help with Voice's etc.
So if you want to help this is your chance Pm me and i tell you what to do.

You can Sign up for :
Main mission's

I already send a message to "FokkerTISM" because he wants to help.
Thanks Dude really i Appreciate it.

so it you want to help just PM

Other news.
i think the Second beta wil be released in November ? Maybe December... but we will see.
i Try to work on the Project every day
and i post some Pic's Every week i hope.

Well i hope i can post many pic's to get you Up To Date

*****Another Update******
I hope i can post The First Beta This week or maybe Next week

I try to post it as soon as i can

There will also be a new Theme song That i Need So if one of you guys Can Make one or get one, i would really Appreciate it. just pm me :D

*****First Beta********
Alright people Here is the first beta i know you can't go in every house that's because it is the Beta With the Final release you can get in every house etc.

So have fun and please Post a comment :D

******** There was an error in the Game and some Bugs im gonna Fix it. !**********

The leaky Caulderon is in the Imperial City Market district next to rohan...


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