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After some thoughts on the matter, it seemed necessary to release a Full v1.1 version with all the bug-fixes. You can find the installer in the downloads section. A small changelog with all the changes:

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- Fixed a serious bug in the installer (should not crash anymore).
- Tweaked AI experience bonus to account for recent stat changes
- Added new installer option: Insanse AI Exp bonus (+5 exp)
- Installer now properly detects your installation folder and version
- Increased all stats: *1,5 + 4; If you loved old stats, check export_descr_unit_OLD.txt
- Missile units aren't super deadly with high experience now
- Decreased AI money bonus, hopefully less stacks now
- Fixed background script: Roman Polybian reforms now trigger properly
- Major improvement to maps: Imperial Campaign, Wars of the Diadochi, Pyrrhic Wars
- Fixed a few missing textures
- A bunch of Minor bugfixes
- New unit models with unit cards:

- Custom battles allow all siege equipment built for Wooden Walls (DTW)
- Custom battles allow siege towers and rams for Stone Walls
- All problems with walls in Campaign mode fixed
- Siege equipment now works flawlessly with all wall types (no more ladder units!)
- Other minor balances to campaigns
- Improved stability on BI
- Wooden Walls in Campaign and Custom battles should get siege towers, ladders and sapping points (untested)
- Celtic Tribes are now less powerful
- Added Parthia in WotD campaign, maybe this can make Seleucid’s life in the east a little more difficult
- Added Celtic Tribes in Pyrrhich Wars campaign
- Fixed some errors in the BK_Script and in the Campaign_Scripts
- Renamed Beneventum back to Capua.
- Thrace and Egypt can now choose between 2 barracks and have both colonies
- Colonies have 4 levels, with a fourth unreachable Native level
- Changed the location of some settlements in the Iranian\Afghan area
- Culture bonus errors in EDB fixed
- Other minor bugfixes
- Fixed bad river placement in Pontus
- Fixed incorrect chariot model reference
- Minor bugfixes
- Fixed missing textures bug.
- Movement point bugs for characters fixed.
- Fixed an odd Hoplite animation.
- Visual artefact with Wooden Walls fixed.
- Fixed Polybian units appearing in Camillan era.
- Added new Thureophoroi models and Unit Cards.
- Added new Thorakitai models and Unit Cards.
- Removed lvl 5 Barracks, since they are useless.
- Other minor fixes of bugs and annoyances.

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