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Diablo II Extended v1.07d - a small patch focusing on improving the monster selection from new Act V locations, mostly on Nightmare/Hell difficulties.

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*Full and Minimal Versions*
- Made it so Bleak Burrow is only 1 room smaller than other Ice Caves as it still crashed,
- Changed Fetid Defiler in Blighted Lair to Wretched Defiler,
- Corrupting Menace now has 1 less minion,
- Matron of Decay now has 1 more minion.
Changed the monster selection in new areas from Act V a bit:
(Normal difficulty)
- Moved Hell Whip from Blighted Lair to The Blizzard,
- Moved Hell Spawn from The Blizzard to Blighted Lair.
(Nightmare/Hell difficulty)
- Moved Hell Lord from Blighted Lair to the Glazed Chamber,
- Moved Guest Death Mauler (deathmauler6) from Halls of Torture to the Secluded Cliff,
- Moved Guest Zealot (zealot4) from Blighted Lair to the Halls of Torture,
- Moved Guest Tainted (bighead7) from the Arreat Pit to the Blighted Lair,
- Moved Guest Misshapen (bighead8) from the Glazed Chamber to the Arreat Pit,
- Moved Guest Zealot (zealot5) from Glazed Chamber to the Blighted Lair,
- Moved Guest Black Raptor (foulcrow8) from Glazed Chamber to The Worldstone Keep Level 4,
- Moved Guest Disfigured (bighead9) from the Worldstone Keep Level 4 to the Glazed Chamber,
- Changed Wretched Defiler from The Blizzard to Putrid Defiler,
- Removed Blood Hawk Nest from The Blizzard.

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