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Diablo II Extended v.1.07b a small update bringing changes mostly to Super-Uniques.

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*Full Version*
- Added Multiple Shots to the Super-Unique Skeleton Archer,
- Changed Mooncurse Spectral Hit to Teleport,
- Removed Teleport from Shadowhowl,
- Removed Cursed from Shade but it has 5 minions now,
- Changed the flame-based Super-Unique Skeleton Mage to the unused skeleton color palette,
- Changed it so the first variation of Swarmed Abyss Level 2 doesn't have so many item chests,
- Added 3 Black Raptor Nests with their beta color palette to Vile Crypt Level 1,
- Added 5 Crushers with their beta color palette as guards of the treasure chest in Abandoned Floor,
- Changed Eater of Chaos to Chaos Mirage and it's Lightning Enchanted to Aura Enchanted,
- Changed Tonguehopper Cold Enchanted to Fire Enchanted,
- Changed Marrowfeast Watersnare to have Mana Burn only,
- Changed Unstable Fragments Mana Burn to Spectral Hit,
- Changed Hatred's Visage Extra Strong to Cursed,
- Removed Fire Enchanted from Sin Spawner,
- Changed Huntress Katlynn Extra Fast to Extra Strong,
- The Super-Unique Monster Nests (Wretched Nesting and Sin Spawner) have their item drops changed to Unique, because they don't have any direct attacks and are very close to proper Super-Uniques,
- Enlarged "no-monster zone" near entrances of a couple of new locations.
*Full and Minimal Version*
- Added 1 more room to Bleak Burrow generation,
- Changed Black Locusts into Itchies and Zombies into Ghouls in The Blizzard,
- Arreat Pit can now spawn with swapped entrance and exit,
- Changed Death Mages of Act V to the unused skeleton color palette.

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