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After 2 years of additional development, D2I is back with a massive list of new features and improvements!

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The time was long... but now it is finally done!

The definitive Diablo-inspired mod for TQIT.

Five years in the making, with two years worth of enhancements after the last official release,

Diablo 2 Immortal is back with a MASSIVE update that improves... EVERYTHING!

  • MORE real choices and variety through new skills and even better balance
  • MORE glamour and immersion through improved effects, animations, descriptions, sounds, textures, ...
  • MORE tough challenges from unique and intelligent adversaries
  • MORE items, item sets, recipes, relics, secrets and bonus stuff to find
  • LESS bugs, imba exploits or things like useless equipment stats
  • MORE special features like Immortal allies, extra-large stash, and gambling

On top of that, the attached ENB Mod makes it all look awesome by adding modern post-processing effects to the TQ engine.

And everything still a loadable mod that will not change any of your original files!

The detailed list of improvements would blow the boundaries of this post, but you can get some impressions from the Development Thread or the Image Gallery.

Get it now, over at the Downloads Page.

There, you will also find a pre-merged Diablo 2 Lilith version, which brings the new improvements to the amazing world of Jalavia.


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