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Infernity is an Diablo 1 enhancement mod that is completely open-source and actively maintained. The main goal of the mod is to enhance Diablo 1 while keeping its core atmosphere, difficulty and style. The mod features a few nice features, like ALT item highlighting, shared xp between players, shared map, inventory tabs and more! A new difficulty called Inferno will make you reimagine what you know about Diablo 1, adding third item affixes and greatly increasing the difficulty of the game.

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Reddit: reddit

Discord: Discord

The version here has hardcoded 1280x960 resolution, for different resolutions, visit discord!


The work on rewriting infernity 2 to come back better and stronger than ever has begun!

Check discord to see planned feature list and more!


  • A new difficulty called Inferno.
  • Because the diabloui.dll hasn't been reverse-engineered, I've decided to use a trick to replace hell difficulty with a new one, to do it, create a file named enable_inferno in your Diablo folder and choose "hell" difficulty in the difficulty selection menu.
  • Special items with 3 affixes can drop there.
  • The third affix will only drop if the item has a suffix and a prefix. Additional affix doesn't follow the regular prefix/suffix rules, which mean that combinations that weren't possible before can occur.
  • Compatibility with vanilla, but sadly in one direction = you can move your vanilla character to infernity, but if you move character from infernity to vanilla, items will morph like crazy (This is because inferno items have increased level to enable them to get the "dead" affixes (the ones you could only get from Wirt)
  • Running in town/dungeon
  • Highlighting enemies in combat
  • A config to enable or disable stuff
  • Fully shared xp - you don't need to poke or even be close! Seems in vanilla diablo the xp would be divided between the killers. In Infernity everyone gets 100% xp, so splitting to clear faster might be a good idea ;)
  • Black death doesn't permanently decrease health anymore!
  • Added xp bar
  • Minimap is shared between players
  • Gold pile max size increased to 60k (Can't be more because of variable type - at least for now)
  • Shop selection stays after buying item (it used to reset to first top item before)
  • Shift clicking potions in inventory adds them to belt
  • Remove/change permanent negative shrines (In general, things permanently damaging your character)
  • Show shrine effect in the description
  • Expand inventory (4tabs, switch by clicking on the icon or shift+1/2/3/4)
  • Make the map revealed by the shrine have a different color
  • Add monster resistances/immunities on the health bar
  • Show other players on minimap
  • Items won't drop on death
  • Diablo will drop items on all difficulties
  • Showing current/max on health/mana orbs
  • Alternate weapon slot + switching between weapons
  • Fixed duping
  • HD
  • Stash
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