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Today we gonna show you a large progress in direction of infantry equipment. Enjoy!

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Hello there! Here is new dev update!

Today we gonna show you a large progress in direction of infantry equipment. Enjoy!

At this moment we’re working at infantry equipment and human models. We want to make it looking max authentically, individual and will corresponded soldier’s specializations like rifleman, machine-gunner, machine-gunner assistant, AT RM, field paramedic etc. And we want to show it. :)



observationpost 2

jungle patrol

jungle halt


Here it is! Look at this screen-arts, why do you see? We and the last screenshot will tell you. So:

  1. A family of the Lightweight Rucksacks which were the main U.S. Forces backpacks in Vietnam war for different specializations. We made a lot of backpacks variations;
  2. A portable radiostation – AN/PRC-25 for communication between squads, squad-to-HQ and squad-to-Firebases and we made some variations of her;
  3. A M3 Bandolier intended to carrying a seven addition 20-rounds M16 mags or 14 clips of M14 rifle;
  4. A M7 Bag intended to carrying a M18A1 «Claymore» mine and her components;
  5. A M5 medical bag, the main element equipment of Field Medics and Combat Lifesavers.

This is transferable equipment which you can put out or pick up. On the screen-arts you can see it and also you can see a main soldier’s equipment depending on the soldier’s specialization like M1956 ALICE load bearing system (M1956 universal mag pouch, canteen, buttpack, suspenders etc) and M60 belts or M79 grenade bandoliers. We carefully keeping attention to equipment details to make it look more authentically and realistic.

We’re also working at firearms accuracy, range and damage. Focusing on reality we’re considering game conventions we’re trying correct and balance all of it to make gameplay more comfortable.

That’s all today. What you think about that?
Thanks for the attention, comment and keep looking for the further news!

Sincerely, ALC Team.

mirekosw Online

Waiting for this mod so hard! :)

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This looks great! Keep up the good work!

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Would there be flak vest too? Want to play VC and take US equipment

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Sea-Knight Author

Flak vest is part of the soldier model, you can't take it.

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Shucks. It would be so cool if it worked like the Body Armor from the older MoW.

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If you want to make a large battle, where lots of soldiers will die - separate Flak vests can worsen your FPS, so... But don't worry. All of our skins are individual, you can find a soldier with equipment to your taste, and we have a lots of skins with Flak vests.

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