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Game modes, economy, player progression and market system for vehicle customization and improvement. Liked the project? wanna help? leave a suggestion on the comment section.

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Hi everyone!

So, I'm here to talk a little bit about the features implemented or under implementation for this project.

Game modes

Conquest mode:

Here you will be able to explore new worlds, and conquer them either thru alliances or by laying war upon them. Each planet will be unique, with it's own terrain, and unique enemies defending it. Also, each planet will offer one of two services, being it a market or a workshop, but each planet will offer different options for its Market and Workshop.

  • Market: you'll be able to buy upgrades for your vehicles, such as weapons, shields, armor, engines and gadgets.
  • Workshop: you'll be able to improve what you currently have in your vehicles, such as the stats of armor, shields and weapons.

Here you can see an example of what a conquest global map may look like.

Blue: Home.
Red: Hostile.
Blank: Neutral(can be allied using credits, you get access to the services without having to fight).

Player progression

The conquest mode will allow the player to progress in the game, each victory will provide credits to the player, and as you get more credits you'll be able to get to higher levels, the credits will replace the XP in the level system, but as you spend credits the amount recorded won't be changed so you can improve your vehicles without sacrificing development. As your level increases you'll unlock more maps for the Arcade mode, as well as better items and upgrades to be found on conquered\allied planets.


Each ship will have a random chance to drop an item, which can be sold, or depending on the item can be used to make passive upgrades to your player which affects all vehicles, Each level boss will drop a random item, which can either be a item to be sold at high price or a new equipment for your vehicles(such as a new weapon or a shield).Each victory will provide credits based on how many enemies you did not let escape, so it's not just about getting to to end of the level and beating the boss, the more enemies that escaped the smaller your reward will be .

Arcade mode:

In the arcade mode there is a fixed progression you still get credits for beating levels but at a fixed rate while on the conquest mode you get better rewards for harder levels. you'll be able to play any scenery available according to your player level, and will be able to use any ship you have unlocked in the conquest mode.
Even if you don't play the conquest mode, you still can unlock most of the game's content, each vehicle comes with its own default equipments, so you can get new stuff by only playing Arcade mode, or by playing both modes.

Development Report Boss AI under development:

Original on YouTube.

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