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We welcome you to follow our journey in the development of our game.

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April 02, 2018


We will always be open to submissions once the game is live! There will be multiple ways to contact us about possible changes, bug reports etc...
Don't hesitate to do so! We'd love to improve the game to optimise the experience you'll have.

With SCP - Facility Cases, we want to create a reboot-version of the well known "SCP - Containment Breach" Game.

While keeping the basic game mechanics that the first game introduced, the overall layout of the game will be improved and expanded. Although only few "Series 1" SCPs will be kept by the game, we are looking forward to add even more vicious and mysterious entities from the remaining "Series" such as Series 2, 3 and 4. The overall SCP-Facility security system will be more difficult to bypass, and the creatures that the player will eventually encounter will behave more merciless. Regarding these two factors, we will provide the option to "Quicksave" at any time. As development goes on, we are working on adding different difficulty levels to choose from while playing the game.

To keep the original idea of an outbreak in which you are almost completely on your own, the game will remain "Single-Player", although we are planning to give the player the choice between different roles in the outbreak.

Unfortunately, the release date of the first playable version of the game will remain TBD, therefore we want to update the DevLog regularly to give you an insight on the development progress.

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