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Every time you go through a location in Ragtag Crew, a text event pops out. In these events, you'll encounter challenges, battle foes, listen to the crew's banter, make choices, and suffer the consequences.

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These text events come in two forms:

Map events are "you vs the world": escape danger, grab loot, find friends, and fight enemies.

Rest events are only happening during resting. They focus on the character's internal issues and group relationships.

Often you'll be faced with a choice. We try to avoid "right" or "wrong" answers. so different options have different outcomes and are better depending on the situation at hand. Scare away the bandits, and go forth without a scratch. Fight the bandits and gain loot and experience, but be prepared to face their vengeance later.

Many choices will force your characters to take a skill test. Sometimes, one person is enough; sometimes, the whole group has to put in the effort. Skills range from athletic to persuasion and apply to a variety of situations.

How to improve the skills? Seek a challenge; leave the comfort zone! Any time you fail a skill check, that skill increases! On top of that, if the trial is difficult enough for the character, they will learn even after success!

But, wait! What if I told you it's not always up to you to decide the event's outcome? Your crew members are people with their own desires! A teammate can approve or complain about your choice, and it will affect their morale. A character can bring their unique solution to the table and expand your options. And sometimes, a crew member will take over the event altogether, driving it in an unexpected direction, for better or worse.

It can happen because of their past, personality, relationships, allies, or items you have! That makes events highly replayable: pick a different crew and see how it changes the familiar situations!

What about the consequences? Not only will you obtain or lose zincreds, rations, or equipment during these events, there is more! Your characters will gain permanent changes in the form of traits. You'll receive quests to complete! You'll make decisions that will bite you in the ass later or even change the game's finale!



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