Post news RSS Devlog : DEMO-3 Coming soon with 3 minigames, options, and an upgrade system!

3 brand new minigames, 2 new features! That's what we gonna see in this devlog!

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Hey guys ModernIBM's here for the Daily Devlog, today i'm gonna talk about new features incoming for the DEMO-3. Such as an upgrade system, a money system for upgrades and options.

About Options

Like every games, that needs options, that will allow you to change the resolution and the density of viruses in the Classic Mode.

About the new upgrade system

By playing to some minigames and play to the game, you will earn coins for upgrade your Antivirus and Protection. New defense objects are coming for the Alpha 1.0

Virus Shooter

Like in the SOGA Minigame Demo, you are an Anti-virus and you have to kill viruses. Your antivirus upgrade every 25 kills and the game gets also harder.


Do the most viruses waves as possible and setup your defense between waves

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