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I've noticed a problem on this game and i will talk about it on this devlog

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Hey guys ModernIBM here and it's time for the daily devlog!

I've played to my game again and again for see if there's problems such as bugs, issues, etc. And then i've noticed that we begin with too much money. $200 is way too much for start the game. Then the beginning money will be in $80 for the Classic Mode and $40 for the Hardcore Mode. I've also noticed that antiviruses are a bit too large and then make the game harder to manage.

Well now let's talk about the DEMO-3

The DEMO-3 will be also a big update because I will add the Hardcore Mode and minigames will be available. If you still don't know how the Minigame will look like. I recommend you to check out the SOGA Minigame System technical Demo (available in the files).

Well here is the incoming features :

  • Hardcore Difficulty (duh..)
  • Minigames (including 2 minigames for the moment)
  • Music (maybe?)
  • Antivirus redesign
  • A new defense object

Also about the music, I don't have the time to make a music so it can take time. Sorry.

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