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Take a look at our new parry mechanic in action!Learn about our implementation and how it works in this week's devlog.

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Hello everyone,

Today we want to share our new implementation of the Parry.

If you have read previous devlogs you would know that our combat is one of our biggest problems and focuses. We described different ways we were looking at improving the player's battles with monsters, being new attack effects one of them. This week one of our biggest updates towards the project and the combat is the full implementation of a Parry.

Implementation Description

In the attack animations of monsters 2 unity events (a start and an end) are placed to check if the player has his shield up in that precise timeframe or not. If the check returns true, a VFX appears,the respective enemy is put in a stunned state during a brief period and an amount of stamina is returned back to the player.


Olharapo Animation

Current Look

The timeframe of the parry still needs some fine tuning but overall we belive it feels good especially with the newly added vfx but sound is still missing. Another thing we have to fix is the stunned animation of the enemies since for now the idle one makes it weird.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next weeks' devlog.

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Till next time Dear Knights!

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