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This weeks a big one! We’ve got all kinds of cool new stuff to show off! We’ve even got a new liquid physics system! Be sure to check it out!

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Back in the Swing of Things

And so Sunday has come around again. This means that, yet again, it is time for the developer blog. I'm Jack, Creative Director for Handsome Dragon Games, and I'm the one responsible for all of these blogs. I’ll be here every Sunday, writing more and more content for your enjoyment. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

This last week has been one filled with all kinds of achievements. So this week, the blog isn't going to be focussing on any particular topic, just showcasing all the various things that we've got working in the game now, and sharing some insight on those particular aspects of the project. We've got all kinds of things this week, from level design to physics simulation.

First up, the area I know best, level design. The first Greenlight showcase level now has its first layer of aesthetics. This means it’s now gone from looking like this:

Room G 1 With Connectors

To this:

G 1 with Aesthetics

A marked improvement, to be sure. If you recall last week’s development blog, aesthetics is the final stage of the levels development, so that level is very close to being complete! Play-testing notwithstanding, that is.

There’s even more on the level design front, because now our second Greenlight showcase level is nearly done as well! This level was divided into two halves, one of which is also at the aesthetics stage of the process.

G 2A

Now, unfortunately, we've still got a lot of art work to do, to bring Dyadic’s visuals to their full potential. For the time being, you may have noticed there’s still a fair amount of placeholder art in our levels, like this.

THE BIRDThere’s a reason why Jared is a programmer, not an artist.

But not to worry, before too long, our final art will be coming together and the levels will be looking better than ever.

Last, but hardly least, our ever excellent programmer Corey has created an amazing physics system for 2D liquid. Now, I'm not going to pretend I know how it works, but I do know what it does. You take a normally flat plane of liquid, and drop an object in it. This creates all kinds of ripples in reaction to the force of that object falling. Like so.


And the best part is, by simply modifying a few values, you can create a simulation of all kinds of different liquids. Like water.





Boiling Kool-Aid.

The possibilities are practically endless.

So there you have it, another week in the life of Dyadic. Before too long I’ll be back here to tell you about the great success of the third showcase level and the next amazing thing the programmers have cooked up. So be sure to check back next week and see what that is. I'm looking forward to finding out as much as you.

Until next time,

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