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Are you ready to rumble?? Making progress on PvP and pet progression!

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Are you ready to rumble?? After a week of crunching out code. The Rumble Arena v1 is finally available on our Early Access site for our Patreons and testers. It currently includes a basic matchmaking system and unique turn based combat that we think our players will enjoy. This week will be focused on leader boards and rewards to go along with it.

Rumble Arena v1

We are getting closer to the big update for the live/public site that is available now. Created a stamina/energy system which will refill over time or through the use of our new Honey Water items added. This will help to slow down combat spamming and build out the pet progression.

Pet Info Honey Water Stamina

As new systems get added and more people test our work, we are continuing to listen to feedback and add in quality of life updates. Added a way to navigate between pets when viewing them, Updated school system to display pet statuses to understand what is happening exactly. For those who want to collect/train multiple pets, we have added an “Active” pet system. Players will be able to select which pet to focus on. This will put the pet on the updated Dashboard, and will be the first pet listed/shown on many of the screens throughout the site. This will help people from scrolling through their list of pets when they are trying to focus on one.

Continuing to crunch out code and getting features added in.



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