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Added zone unlock mechanic with a currency (Zone Unlock coins) and the first iteration of the combat UI

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Hey everyone :)

Since the last update, I completely overhauled the UI to be modal layers so that I can utilize full screenspace since the big windows were already taking over most of the screen. This way I can utilize as much space as I need, and show important information.You can see you can switch to a different layer by clicking the buttons on the top-left. (I plan on adding keyboard shortcuts for this, obviously). For now you can access the Player Management and World Map layers.

I mentioned last update I wanted to do a progression mechanic where you slowly uncover the world of Pakuri starting from Pakuri City, so I added a Zone unlock mechanic! You unlock a Zone adjacent to any Zone you've already unlocked (so at the start, only zones adjacent to your city will be unlockable).You'll be able to acquire Zone Unlock coins different ways (progression, from unlocking City upgrades, or reaching milestones).Here you can see the Player Management layer which is both Player Info + Player List combined.The empty space to the right will be where the current selected character's Zone information will be displayed (where the character is in the world) and also a pane that lets you micromanage the characters (order them to go back to the city, or go hunting, etc.)

You can see there's a pane beneath the player's information. That's the new Combat UI pane! It will show the character's combat (if there is any) with a mob.Here's another example (note you can see when other characters are in combat by the combat icon top the top-right of their 2D portrait icon.)That's all for now! I'm going to finish the Player Management window next (to show the Zone info and Micromanagement buttons that I previously mentioned) and also polish the Combat pane a bit, and the tab buttons will change.

See you next time.


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