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A showcase of the concept arts of the game's characters Christian made

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Hello fellows, Fernando here.

Last week was an unintentional bye week for me, as I tested positive for COVID-19. Josip also felt bad and he fears he caught it too. So, i kept working on the documents, but at a slower pace, completing it with the concept arts Christian sent us. Today we will show you the character concept arts he made.

Player Thumbnails

Player Sketches

Player Sketches 2

Concept arts for the player character


Sketches 1

Concept arts for a normal enemy

Quick enemy sketches 1

Quick Enemy Sketches 2

Concept arts for a quick enemy

Sketches Weak Enemy 1

Sketches Weak Enemy 2

Concept arts for a weak enemy

Concept Arts: Strong Enemy

Concept arts for a strong enemy

Concept arts: Boss

Concept arts for a boss

Thanks to Christian's hard work, we have new ideas for more enemies and even for player customisation. The pre-production period ends this Friday, so the next posts will be more focused in the final arts and 3D models that will be featured in our vertical slice build.

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