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I've made the world map where you can unlock zones around Pakuri City and beyond as you make zones available to your players. Along with other changes like HUD layout change, UI polish, etc!

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Let us begin!

I've overhauled the UI layout so now the main core buttons are on the top left, and the bar with information such as currency and city information is on the top-right.As you can see I added 2 currencies you'll accumulate while managing Pakuri City : there are city funds (Meny) and Zone Unlock coins.

Next, I've polished the UI where whatever you request will pop out in front of other windows, sort of like focusing on a window.Next, I finally finished the bulk of the world map feature where you can view the world map of Pakuri, centered around Pakuri City. You'll be able to unlock adjacent zones for your characters to adventure in and eventually unlock all the world. The world map is formed dynamically so the icons are generated at runtime and the grid is formed at runtime so I can just change the data asset to form a new map.

You can pan and zoom the map grid and select a zone to inspect.You can also see the map and zone info will dynamically reflect players entering or leaving each zone, as well as displaying monsters currently residing in each zone with their spawn count.You can hover over each monster size icon to see tooltips on their size. You'll be able to deduce their size after learning the 4 different size icons (small, medium, large and MVP). An MVP monster is the boss of the zone, and it has a golden icon I didn't show yet ;)You can see all the features at once in action here:As you can see I spent some time on this map feature, it was pretty deceptive in the amount of work involved, ontop of some reworks I had to do for the layout and polish and the UI artwork.

You can see glimpses of other features yet to implement such as a Dungeons tab for the map, which will list all Dungeons you've unlocked for your players to explore. (solo players beware, party required)

There's also the city capacity if you've paid attention, it means your city will start out with a limit to how many characters you can manage, and it will only increase past certain milestones.

Lots to do but it is coming along :). See you next time~

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