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We went to redesign some assets and scenarios around the levels, but we focused more in redesigning the UI elements! if you want to see some of these changes come check it out!

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Hello hello everyone! How you been doing this week? It’s been a busy week but we got some stuff to show you guys!

There’s been a few little things that we are constantly changing around the levels, but this week the focus went to the user interface!

Be ready!

Notebook and Inventory menu modification

There’s nothing more important to our Ana Fox than her notebook. To her and the player. We decided that dividing the collectables in a different menu, then having the character’s notes in other was not the best idea.

With this, using we put it all together in the same menu (her notebook), having different departments within. A part for each level’s notes and other for the hidden collectables there is around the game.

Each level’s notes have a tab with icons of the different characters and their respective level, so the player will know what to exactly do in each level in case it gets lost.

ltpo notes menuLTPO Notes Tab in the Main Menu

Collectacles screenshotCollectable Tab in the Main Menu

paused menuPause Menu for now

There were a few UI elements that were redesigned in level 1, this includes the order icons. Feeling hungry? Because we about to show some delicious food.

level 1 ui ordersUser Interface from the order icons in level 1

Adding phases to level 3

From the little scenario changes we did in level 3, we decided to divide the third level into 2 phases with an animated cutscene that would make the experience dynamic and less boring for the player. From one phase to another, the difficulty would increase, being the first phase an introduction for the rest of the level.

level 3   with uiLevel 3 with UI elements and modified background

Illustrated cutscenes will be developed and added to the game. Cutscenes that would introduce to the player certain parts of the story and make transition between scenarios.


The levels are cleaner than ever! Even with little changes the game already looks way better. And with such short amount of time we getting a lot of progress, already planning level 5!

It’s nice to have a fired-up team developing the game.

Also! We got a voting contest happening! If you want to vote for our game it’s available in the following link:



And that was it! Thankyou for being here and read this devlog with us! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you more in next week! Stay safe everyone!

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