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Gathering resources & basic survival in Hazy Islands.

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Hey there!

This time i'd like to show what the first tasks on the island will be,
to get a feeling of what the game is about.

Upon starting the game, some basic resources and food will be nearby for the stranded prisoner (the first of probably many).

A few items will be available at the beginning

The first and most important tools are the stone hammer and axe.
These can be used to crush rocks and chop down trees, and are also decent weapons.
Without these you can still try punching trees to fell them, but this will take a pretty long time.

Hammer and axe are the most important tools

Gather resources by hitting rocks or plants with the right tool

The first camp

As time passes the player character will slowly tire, and as a result maximum health and stamina will be limited.
Building a basic shelter is therefore a good idea, since sleeping will also save the game.

Building a shelter

A fireplace to grill meat, a crate to store items, and one or two water catchers will make for a decent first camp.

A basic camp with a shelter, fireplace, chest and water catcher

It is also a good idea to stock up on plant fiber bandages,
which can stop bleeding and will come in handy when fighting the vicious wildlife.

Aloe plants can be used to craft bandages

Foraging and hunting

There are plenty of berry bushes and pitcher plants on the island that provide food and water,
but they will also add fatigue.
Coconuts and bananas will keep you fed without negative effects, but in order to regain full strength,
you will need to gather meat from animals.

Wild berrys and pitcher plants are quite common, but eating berrys or drinking the water will add some fatigue

These crabs sure are huge on the island! You better bring some bandages, since you will likely get pinched a bit

Grilling food on a fireplace

Grilled meat will provide a lot of food, and will also increase your maximum health

That's it for today!
Next time, i will show what to expect when further searching the island.

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