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Falling platforms, golems and minimaps! Check out what we've been up to this week!

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Hey everyone,

As promised, we're back with another dev log. It's been another busy week of adding new mechanics and conceptualizing new ideas and rooms.

Over the past week we experimented with that wonderful Z axis that all 2D game developers can't seem to lock away properly as it always finds a way to inch itself back into your work.

We started off simple, and implemented small platforms, that dip slightly when you step across them.

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As we tested it further, we noticed that it would make more sense to be able to apply this behavior to any platform we wanted, especially since we can apply the moving behavior to any platform.

We implemented it, and thought the perfect test solution would be a bridge, but this required another implementation through Tiled that I'm pretty happy with.

tiled N2VKUazzyo

This allowed any connecting dipping platforms to dip along with the platform that has any weight on it.

However, upon initial testing, things didn't turn out too well...

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This was hilarious to see, and I just had to share it.

But I'm happy to say that it ended up getting fixed swiftly afterwards.

After being inspired by this, we took it further and implemented platforms that can break beneath you:

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However, they are fully safe to walk on.

Earlier this week, we dove deeper into creating the rooms for the first stage. We've been implementing all the mechanics that are in my crazy test map. Oh, that blue glow pad? That's a surprise for a later date >:)

You also may or may not see inconspicuous buttons such as this along your journey:

3 318dce3941

We've been playing around with some new enemy designs as well:

Gale 1qw4vWiKuH

To finish this week's dev log off, we've implemented a mini map. The map being generated ended up being pretty large that I find myself getting lost quickly. It sits nicely underneath the timer:

chrome o6GriTT7iQ

And it can be expanded to show a larger view of the map:


Thanks for making it to the end!

We can't wait to share what else we've been doing next week!

If you're looking to get frequent updates from us, you can follow us on Twitter: @PixelcometGames

flencamposmusic93 - - 17 comments

Incredible development work, if you still don't have music or sounds, I can make them, greetings.

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