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Karin shows off new features (Tradeable Items, Specialized Villages) & explains why these make Small Villages feel better overall. Also, a gif of a new game environment!

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Happy almost May the 4th!

In addition to some of the player choices & tradeoffs I added at the end of last week, I got in a couple more features and started on background art this week.

Background Art

I made a quick piece and added particles for a little more atmosphere when you're walking in the jungle! (Sorry for the low quality gif. An actual image is embedded near the bottom of this article.)

Now that I downloaded Unity's latest update, I'll learn more about Shader Graph to add more to the environment (wind, etc.).

DevLog #2 - Environment Art

Tradeable Items

  • Players get these on Detour Events (“An old artifact may be nearby. Would you like to investigate?”)
    • Detour Events consume player resources (food & Stamina) but may give the player something they want (an item, a photo).
  • Since the price of goods is higher at Small Villages, the player may use a Tradeable Item to trade for some items. (Currently, I randomize which items are tradeable at Small Villages.)

DevLog #2 - Tradeable Objects & Small Village Specialization

Specialized Small Villages - Medicinal/Market

  • Problem: Small Villages didn’t feel very good previously. (You can see this in my latest Vlog.) It was rare a Small Village had an item I wanted, and when it did, I usually didn’t have enough money to buy it!
  • Solution: My 1st step toward fixing this was adding Tradeable Items (see above). My 2nd step was making items at Small Villages more predictable.

In the above gif, you’ll notice I’m currently at a Small Medicinal Village, which is more likely to have medicine-themed items (anti-venom, bandages), but there is also a chance an item of the other village type may appear (hence, the water).

The upcoming 2 villages are both Small Market Villages, so each are more likely to have Food, Water, etc.

I still have Large Villages, which carry all types of items, for less money and at greater quantities. However, Large Villages do not accept Tradeable Items.

DevLog #2 - Tradeable Objects & Small Village Specialization

Any other ideas for making Small & Large Villages different from one another?

I was thinking that in the future:

  • Players can barter with villagers at Small Villages for information - A player will have a greater chance of getting a photo on a Detour Event nearby but lose 1 Supplies in exchange for the information.

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